Residential Awning


residential awning
  • Fully retractable or fixed awnings in a variety of fabric designs and colours.

  • Adds colour, class and style to residential living for cottages and hideaways.

  • Accents your home’s architecture.

  • Provides extra living space to any home.

  • Adjustable controls for complete protection from both direct sunlight as well as unwelcome rain showers.

  • Retractable Awnings may be installed in such a way that the awning is self-storing while not in use.

  • Can be manufactured for any size patio or window application;

Retractable Awnings
residential awning

Gennius & Droppy

  • Can be operated either with a manual crank or with an optional electric motor; for more details click here to visit the Somfy Website

  • Electric Motor – Concealed tubular motor; maintenance free; will extend or retract awning with a touch of a button;

  • Sun and Wind Sensor – Awning extends when sun is shining and, if a storm or strong breeze rolls in, the awning will retract·automatically;

  • Hood – Made from anodized aluminum, it protects the awning fabric from dust, wind and rain when retracted;

  • Available in virtually hundreds of crisp colors, elegant prints and striking patterns;100% acrylic fabrics that are resistant to fading and mildew.

  • For color samples of fabrics.please click here to visit Sunbrella

  • To download Sunbrella Care, Cleaning and Warranty, click on here

! : The wrinkling (golfballing) effect on acrylic awning fabric is quite normal and happens on all brands of retractable awnings. It results from the fact there are two layers of fabric on each seam thus doubling the thickness at those points. When it rolls, the diameter increases faster at the those points causing a rippling effect. It will look less evident as the fabric softens over time but will always be there and will not affect the operation or performance of your awning. It is more apparent with awnings with larger projections.

Awning Care
  • To download Sunbrella Cleaning Manual, click on here

  • To download Sunbrella care, Cleaning and Warranty, click on here

  • To download Retractable Operation Manual, click on here

  • To download Retractable Awnings – Quality and Workmanship click on here

  • European quality recognized as one of the finest retractable awning available;

  • Assembled by Canadians for Canadians who know and understand the Canadian environment;

  • Comes with a 5 year warranty and 5 years on electrical components;

  • To download Retractable Awnings – Quality and Workmanship click on here

residential awning